Dev 1.03 | Sprint 3 [11.5.2020–11.26.2020]

After incorporating our lessons from our second development sprint, we jumped into our third development sprint.

Team: 5 Developers (part-time)

For our tasks, we shifted from building full pages to building our re-usable components from our atomic design system first. This prevents duplicate efforts from developers who are building similar components on different pages.

Selected Tasks:

  • Atoms | Buttons
  • Atoms | GiveShop Logo + Icons
  • Atoms | Typography
  • Atoms | Colors + Shadows
  • Atoms | Media
  • Molecules | Dropdown
  • Molecules | Input Fields
  • Molecules | Checkboxes
  • Molecules | Cards (not completed)
  • Molecules | Checkout Components (not completed)
  • Molecules | Image + Info (not completed)
  • Data Modeling for Back End. (not completed)

Key Learnings:

  • Building atomic design system first seems to be a good decision, but it does take more upfront work to categorize all our re-usable components.
  • As our developers were building the components, many had questions as they were still learning Typescript. One recommendation is to have a quick brainstorm session for each task during our Sprint Planning. This will give each developer more guidance and ideas for execution, and will show if there are any conflicts across components.

Improvements for Next Sprint:

  • Communicate and respond to blockers ASAP.
  • For our next Sprint Planning session, we will have a quick brainstorm session for each task.

With our third sprint complete, we move onto our fourth sprint!



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