Dev 1.08 | Sprint 8 [3.8.2021–3.26.2021]

After incorporating our lessons from our seventh development sprint, we jumped into our eighth development sprint.

Team: 3 Developers (part-time)

For this next sprint, our team finished building the front-end pages for our remaining user account and onboarding pages that have been transitioned to use Material UI base components in the previous sprint. In addition, our back-end developer merged the back-end database for our front-end developers to connect to.

Selected Tasks:

  • Page | Visionary (Organization) Dashboard
  • Page | Visionary (Organization) Linked Accounts Page
  • Page | Visionary (Organization) Settings
  • Page | Living Storybook (Project) Dashboard
  • Page | Living Storybook (Project) Edit Info
  • Page | Living Storybook (Project) Manage Tasks
  • Page | Living Storybook (Project) Settings
  • Merge Back-end Database to Codebase

Key Learnings:

  • Despite having four developers transition off since the last sprint, our development team has been doing great in picking up the weight and pushing towards launch.
  • The transition to leveraging Material UI base components has also paid off as our development this sprint was much faster than our previous sprints.
  • For our target launch date, we do need to shift it one more sprint in order finalize steps needed to deploy our platform, which we are also learning as go. As we get closer to launch, it is extremely exciting to see all the pieces we’ve been working on come together. Look forward to sharing it with you all!

Improvements for Next Sprint:

  • Communicate and respond to blockers ASAP.
  • Quicker PR Reviews.
  • Find more developers to support.

With our eighth sprint complete, we move onto our ninth sprint!



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