Dev 1.09 | Sprint 9 [3.29.2021–4.16.2021]

After incorporating our lessons from our eighth development sprint, we jumped into our ninth development sprint.

Team: 3 Developers (part-time)

For this next sprint, our front-end developers primarily focused on connecting the front-end to back-end for every page. Our back-end developer began working on user authentication, and decided to move forward with AWS Cognito (rather than building it ourselves) for increased security and ease. AWS also has a free tier option, which is amazing for a startup.

Selected Tasks:

  • Redux | MVP Pages
  • User Authentication

Key Learnings:

  • Since our developers are more junior, we are still learning how to best deploy our platform. Properly setting up user authentication took more time than expected, and we also needed to refactor our database because we found more holes during the redux process.
  • One other decision we also discussed is whether to deploy using AWS EC2 servers or AWS Lamda. We decided to use AWS EC2 because our developer was more familiar with it, and felt it would be easier and quicker to execute. With AWS Lamda, we were worried we would need to refactor our code to work with AWS Lamda functions.

Improvements for Next Sprint:

  • Communicate and respond to blockers ASAP.
  • Quicker PR Reviews.
  • Find more developers to support.

With our ninth sprint complete, we move onto our tenth sprint!



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