Marketing 1.07 | GiveShop Intro Videos

As part of our effort to build the GiveShop brand, we are working on creating videos to help tell our story. In September, we recruited two amazing designers to join our team. These talented ladies will be helping us illustrate, animate, and give character to our GiveShop brand.

We’ve already started brainstorming ideas for our first two videos. The goal for our first video is to tell our story and help our community get to know who we are — the people behind GiveShop. We hope to share our mission, our goals, and how we aim to achieve these goals. For this video, we have been looking at different styles for storytelling. We envision the video to be an upbeat highlight reel or trailer. We will include soundbites and clips from our GiveShop team about their experience and motivations for working with GiveShop. You will hear a personal story from Harry Ng (CEO) about how he came up with the idea for GiveShop, his experiences, and what he hopes to solve through our integrated giving platform. For this video, our business team worked together to develop the storyline and scenes. The challenge for this video is that we do not currently have a video production team to help with filming or editing the video, so we will have to be creative with what we come up with.

The second video will be a fun, animated piece to help collaborators learn how they can navigate the platform and get involved in social impact causes. The idea is to create a story, from the narrative of our potential collaborators, and illustrate the steps in the user’s journey from curiosity and interest to involvement. We worked closely with our talented illustrator and animator to come up with the storyboard and script. For this video, we needed to create characters to use in our animations. First, we started by creating characters profiles. We wanted to be sure to represent diversity in our characters, so when coming up with our character profiles, we made sure to include under-represented minority groups. As soon as we lock down on the storyboard and script for our video in this next week, our designers can then move forward with illustrating the scenes and animating the video.

We’re excited to see these videos come to life and can’t wait to share them with you in the next few months!



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