Strategy 1.06 | Product Testing with COVID Response Projects

In parallel to building our MVP, which will launch in December, our team will run a side project to manually test our skill-matching feature on GiveShop. This feature allows collaborators to connect with projects that best match their interests, availability, and skill set. Running an early test will not only give us actual user feedback that can inform our design/development iterations, but it can also equip us with data to showcase when looking for fundraising.

Test Plan

Objective: Support COVID efforts by connecting at least 100 collaborators to COVID projects by December 31st.

Key results:

  1. Identify at least 25 projects to partner with by October 31st
  2. Connect at least 100 collaborators to projects by December 31st
  3. Aim for at least a 80% task completion rate by December 31st


  1. Understand WHO’s and CDC’s proposed strategy for tackling COVID
  2. Identify projects that fit within proposed strategy
  3. Contact projects to see if they need skilled-volunteer support. If so, what are the desired skill sets they need and why. This can be done through video call or questionnaire.
  4. Find volunteers to see if they want to get involved with COVID projects. If so, what are their interests, availability, and skill set. This can be done through video call or questionnaire.
  5. From volunteer information, send them their top 3–5 opportunities.
  6. From volunteer selection, set up a 30-min introductory/consultation call for collaborator and project owner to meet. This is designed to be a low-commitment call where both parties do not need to commit to working with one another. In this meeting, the project owner will introduce the scope of work and deliverable needed, while the collaborator will give his/her recommendation on the steps needed to achieve the deliverable.
  7. After the call, both parties will confirm whether they wish to work with one another. If yes, the collaborator can choose to take on the entire deliverable or part of the deliverable. If the collaborator can only take on part of the deliverable, we will find additional volunteers who can support with achieving the entire deliverable. If the collaborator does not want to work with this project, we will offer to connect them with another project. The goal of this exercise is to ensure that volunteers have a positive experience. We do not want volunteers to be deterred from volunteering because of one bad experience.
  8. Once a match is confirmed, we will make the connection between the project and the collaborator. Unfortunately, we do not have the bandwidth to support the execution phase, but we will follow-up periodically with both sides to see how things are going.

This test plan is a starting point, and we will continue to evolve it as we learn more from our users. With the test plan completed, we move into executing this test plan!



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