UX 1.24 | Sprint 7 [2.15.2021–3.05.2021]

Photo by Kelly Sikkema

After incorporating our lessons from our sixth design sprint, we jumped into our seventh design sprint.

Team: 2 Designers (part-time)

Within this sprint, several of our developers found full-time jobs and no longer had bandwidth to support the project. This left us with only three part-time developers to push our platform to launch. To help with this process, our team decided to transition the remaining pages we still needed to build to use Material UI library components. This would reduce the number of components our developers need to build, and allow us to launch closer to our target date.

With this decision, our designers were awesome in quickly converting the remaining designs to leverage Material UI components so that our developers know what to build.

Selected Tasks:

Key Learnings:

Improvements for Next Sprint:

With our seventh sprint complete, we move onto our eighth sprint!

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