UX 1.26 | Sprint 9 [3.29.2021–4.16.2021]

After incorporating our lessons from our eighth design sprint, we jumped into our ninth design sprint.

Both our designers were busier during this sprint so we primarily focused on exploration for the following tasks. This is fine because our developers are taking a taking longer than expected to launch our MVP, which gives our designers more time to build the next designs.

Selected Tasks:

  • Information Architecture for “How It Works” pages
  • Information Architecture for Individual Cause pages
  • Custom GiveShop Icons for Social Causes

Key Learnings:

  • Major development this last sprint was pulling inspirations for our cause icons. Our designer explored several designs for each icon, and tested with our team on which one they felt best represented the cause. We can share more about these in the next update!

Improvements for Next Sprint:

  • Communicate and respond to blockers ASAP.
  • Recruit more designers support.
  • Continue to make designs more consistent across web and mobile.

With our ninth sprint complete, we move onto our tenth sprint!



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We are a budding startup in Silicon Valley aiming to simplify the act of giving. Our goal is to mobilize more people to get involved with meaningful causes.