Dev 1.05 | Sprint 5 [1.4.2021–1.22.2021]

2 min readFeb 2, 2021


Photo by James Harrison

After incorporating our lessons from our fourth development sprint, we jumped into our fifth development sprint.

Team: 7 Developers (part-time)

For this next sprint, we leveraged our new scrum point system to assign tasks. Based on individual bandwidth, each developer selected items they felt they could handle for the 3-week sprint. Tasks this sprint focused on finalizing remaining organisms in our atomic design system, starting our first full pages, and mapping our back-end infrastructure.

Selected Tasks:

  • Molecules | Cards
  • Organism | Navigation Bars
  • Organism | Banners
  • Page | Landing Page
  • Page | Project Overview
  • Page | Project Roadmap
  • Page | Project Task Page
  • Back-end Set-Up

Key Learnings:

  • Unfortunately, we were not able to complete all the desired tasks this sprint as some of our developers had other priorities to focus on. Fortunately, we should still be able launch our product at the end of March. However, this does assume that we continue to have the same resources until then.
  • Our back-end developer is scoping out the option of using a relational SQL database versus using a no-SQL database with MongoDB. Given the flexibility we need in developing our platform, we are leaning towards the no-SQL database with MongoDB, but will decide in our next sprint.
  • For pull requests, our developers have been relying on our senior developers to review and merge everything, which tends to take time as both our senior developers have full-time jobs. Therefore, we decided to have one our our senior developers walk our junior developers through his PR review process to teach our junior developers how to help review and merge PRs. The session was successful, and we hope to have PR reviews be quicker in our next sprint.

Improvements for Next Sprint:

  • Communicate and respond to blockers ASAP.
  • Quicker PR Reviews

With our fifth sprint complete, we move onto our six sprint!




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